""Carnival Games: The Perfect Crimes" and now "Carnival Games: $10 Billion Hoodwink Racket" is an account of the author, retired police officer Rich Margittay, his police experience and his four-year investigation.

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Are you one of those people that is easily lured to the friendly traveling carnival set up at your local fair or festival? Chances are you’ve been ripped off at the tempting midway games. Few citizens know the full extent of the crooked games and age-old public corruption involved. The intention of the author, a retired police officer, is not just to tell readers about commonly seen rigged games which keep swindling them, but also to explain the clandestine behind-the-scenes workings of a not so friendly, well-organized criminal element in the ten to forty-billion-dollar, largely unregulated industry.
The 180-page true crime investigation, including action photos and Internet video links, is published by Xlibris Inc.

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Author's First Book
He exposed evidence of corruption responsible for illegal games, (fraud and gambling), often perpetuated under the protection of law enforcement."

This book is an excellent source of information which is intended to aid law enforcement, educate police trainees, criminal justice students and the average citizen about serial crime and corruption often associated with visiting carnivals at local festivals and even state fairs.

While encountering resistance to his investigation of rigged midways games, Margittay also cites countless examples of how carnival con artists use deception at rigged games to prey on trusting and vulnerable children, enticing them to gamble and lose.

As a result of his carnival investigations, (354 pages with action photos), the author explains bribery techniques, the workings of commonly seen gaffed midway games and identifies the culpable parties and agencies involved.

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Here's Some Food For Thought....

If a carnival or fair game on the midway scams $2.00 from every player, and that particular game scammer cheats 20,000 people during the week in town, that's $40,000.00 stolen dollars. What starts out as petty larceny doesn't take very long to become grand theft.


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